About Madeleine

About Me

 A landscape portrait of Madeleine Pirages with a dark bckground.

I'm Madeleine! I'm currently a student studying Communications and Graphic Design at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. I am passionate about both of these subjects and I'm excited to share my work and opinons.

My love for art and design started in middle school where I taught myself to start doing digital art on our old windows PC computer and ever since I've been hooked. Years later, that passion blossomed into a love for design of all kinds as well as phography, a curiosity I have had since I was very young. I found passsion and creativity in these things once I started studying them at university.

I believe that in the realm of digital design we need new, fresh opinons. I want to bring my ideas and talents to that table. I have seen how the past opinons of the design and communications feilds have held back really brilliant creators. There is power in being able to create. I want to use that power and break the mold of what we think art and design should be.