Madeleine Pirages

A landscape photo of someone wearing a white bed sheet and sunglasses, made to look like a ghost. There are light pink flowers in the foreground. The background has a whie arched gazebo, lit street lamps and trees. The picture is darkened
A black and white, landscape photo of foggy mirror with a space wiped away. In the space is the eyes of a girl with wet hair. To the right of the photo we can see a sliver of the subject's face.
A landscape images of who people dressed in winter clothes, sitting on a bench holding hands. Their faces aren't seen, it's only from the neck down.
two sets of hands against the night sky. One hand pair of hands has a scrunchie on, the other does not. The pairs of hands are opposite each other
Two pairs of hands aggressively reach for the sky. The sky is dark with grey clouds. The picture is taken at night with flash.
Two women are dancing in a dark field. One is partially jumping in the air and the other has one hand up. Neither are looking at the camera. The lights behind them are distorted.
Picture with a man sitting against green plants. His hands are clasped, he's wearing a green shirt, black pants, and his isn't shown. A close up of the hands. Taken by Madeleine Pirages with a Sony Mirrorless 8 dslr camera.
A picture of a woman standing in front of a green brick wall and a red door. She's wearing sunglass, her arms are resting on the top of her head, touching her sunglasses.